5519 E Goodman Ridge Rd2308 Fredrick Ave619 W Cottom Ave175 W SR-60349 S Anna Ln546 W Leota Rd - Drone107 S McClellan Way1904 Independence Circle4218 Sunrise Dr2212 Blue Lick Rd485 N Moon Rd1011 Whelan Ln6600 Clover Ridge Dr10902 SR-311087 S Trinity Ln drone11087 S Trinity Ln1007 Senate Ave5512 Village Ln7244 SR-64393 Thomas St1509 Graham Blvd108 Greenlawn Dr4246 E Chasteen Rd108 Greenlawn Dr824 Twin Oaks Dr730 Heuser St NE2409 Arthur StreetJeffreys Auto Hwy 62 exterior and drone2645 W Moonglo Road317 Meigs Ave12108 Meriwether Dr210 Olive Ave7892 E New Cut Rd drone920 Allen St and drone1977 Ramsey Way409 Howser Rd drone409 Howser Rd109 N Armstrong St401 Pine Dr CirBrinley Ferry Rd